Matthew Bishop is a leading author and commentator. A writer and editor at The Economist for over 25 years, including a decade as the magazine’s New York Bureau Chief, Matthew has interviewed many well-known leaders, from Elon Musk, Bill and Melinda Gates, Muhammad Yunus, Richard Branson and Shakira to George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Bono and Angelina Jolie. He is a frequent expert guest on NPR, BBC and PBS and other media outlets.

The Road from Ruin: How to Revive Capitalism and Put America Back on Top”

by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green

ISBN-13: 978-0307464224

ISBN-10: 0307464229

Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save The World

by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green

forward by Bill Clinton

ISBN-13: 978-1596916951

ISBN-10: 1596916958

Essential Economics: An A-Z Guide”

by Matthew Bishop

ISBN-13: 978-1576603512

ISBN-10: 1576603512

Essential Economics (Economist Essentials)”

by Matthew Bishop

ISBN-13: 978-1861975805

ISBN-10: 1861975805