Philanthrocapitalism has been honoured as the final “buzzword for 2008” on Lucy Bernholz’s Philanthropy 2173 blog. As Lucy says: “The book has been reviewed everywhere, debated everywhere, and discussed everywhere.”

One recent review came from Joel Fleishman in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (subscription required), who wrote that the “book will fascinate and inspire anyone who reads it.” There’s also an interview with Matthew, by Mitch Nauffts, in the Philanthropy News Digest.

In the UK, Philanthrocapitalism was hailed as an “essential resource” that “will earn its place on any bookshelf” in a review by Beth Breeze in the Philanthropy UK Newsletter, which also features an article by Matthew called ‘A Great Giving Opportunity’.

Philanthrocapitalism continues to stir debate with a wider global audience too, getting a mention on the French Entreprise Citoyenne website – le philanthrocapitalism – and in the Dutch People Planet Profit magazine. Bloggers on the South Asian Philanthropy Project website have also taken up the debate and we’ve had discussion of “filantrocapitalismo” in Brazil, “il filantrocapitalismo” in Italy, and “el filantrocapitalismo” in Spain.  Finally, there’s the German translation: ‘Philanthrokapitalismus’.