The Unlikely Fan Club

Praise for Philanthrocapitalism as “extremely well written” from an unexpected source – our old sparring partners at Gates Keepers. True, they do also take us to task for being too soft on Bill Gates, but that’s not really a surprise.

The really surprising thing about the review is that, having attacked the idea of philanthrocapitalism for several months, the Gates Keepers admit that have only finally got around to reading the book!  We are getting used to that, having already been subjected to one pre-emptive strike from Michael Edwards, albeit now updated (sign up required). Edwards also confesses to have enjoyed the book, when he finally read it. Ho, hum.

We believe that the philanthrocapitalism revolution is a radical new direction in the way that the world is run, and that it needs to be debated. We are therefore glad that the discussion is moving on from simple attacks on a caricature of our position. The Gates Keepers pick up on our call for a “new social contract” to underpin the work of the philanthrocapitalists and ask how this should be hammered out. Our answer is right here, right now.